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Please join us for our wedding celebration on August 5, 2017

Our Story

Of all the stories that make up the story of Alison & Greg none come close to the prescient absurdity of our first international trip together to the exotic land known as Costa Rica. The year was 2013, the month April. Earlier that year, when "Alison & Greg" had only been "Alison & Greg" for a month, we doubled down on our young love by optimistically booking a non-refundable, 10-day international trip later that spring.

Four months down the road and the time had come to dig out the passports, assemble the luggage, and put the relationship to the test.

Things had been going well so far. Nothing beyond the mild turbulence you might expect from two strong-willed, competitive, tightly wound people trying to negotiate the ground rules of a modern relationship. Despite what in hindsight were very silly fights, ("What do you mean I can't keep my bike, skis, and bong in the living room?!?") we were also starting to see the potential of our partnership. Our shared passions for adventure and business and (mostly) healthy living were resulting in dreams about what our future together might hold.

Naturally, these dreams did not include some of the less-romantic realities of life, such as the "In sickness and in health..." type clauses. So, on day 2 of our big vacation, when the shit literally hit the fan and we both discovered the consequences of drinking non-potable water, there was a choice to be made; What would "Our Story" be in the tough times.

We never actually discussed this. Probably because we were too busy reeling with illness in our penthouse, jungle villa. Instead, we did the one thing that gives us total confidence in our love: we took care of each other. We spent the next 8 days in a foreign land battling what would turn out to be a parasitic invasion of the body.

Despite dehydration, fevers, nausea, muscle cramps, and delirium, we were undeterred. We dragged ourselves from small town to small town along the Nicoya peninsula, hiked to waterfalls and isolated beaches, tried to surf, continued to try the local cuisine ("Is today the day it will stay down?"). When we look back at the pictures from the trip, we look pale, sick, and weak but we're still smiling and still pushing onward.

Over the course of our relationship there are hundreds of stories, none matching the absurdity of our first trip to Costa Rica, but all containing the themes that have come to define us. We like a good challenge and a good adventure. We like to plan for the future without forgetting to enjoy the simple things. We want to live a good life, an epic life, a life worth writing about. Together. As Alison & Greg.

Thank your for joining us on our special day. We'll do our best to make it one worth remembering.